2 Ocak 2018 Salı

Welcome to Video Game Soundtracks

Welcome....video games has been one of the major hobbies of our life. We spent lots of sleepless nights playing them. We tried so hard to kill the bosses or solve the mysteries or become champions. Now that we are grown we don't have enough time to play them. However, deep inside we can still remember our blood is boiling when we heard the soundtrack of a game we played long before. It makes a great nostalgia for all of us who used to fall in love with video games.

That is why I created this blog. I wanna compile the best video game soundtrack of all time via youtube and share it with you so that you will never bother scrambling through tons of videos. I suppose this blog will keep you entertained.

But beware this blog can make you realize how the time passes so fast and that your hair happens to grow whiter.


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